Hypes exploiting people’s naivety in bodybuilding and fitness


A product here, a product there. For all time companies have tried exploiting the naivety of people wishing they were in shape. These days we focus so much on what’s visible, people feeling unhappy with their mirror reflection are generally really unhappy. Some people go that far to inject. We at nbs.com believe that’s taking it too far, and legitimately want people to explore their natural limits.

Where to start?
The fact your wondering around these forums makes you a beast. Don’t let others and the reflection of your mirror demotivate you JUST YET, because you’ve only just started. And in time, you will be wearing one of our shirts with pride. A shirt that shows your a natural, and your both mentally and physically extremely toughened, intelligent because you took the time to get to know your body, a great perseverance for getting that far, great genes, just remember you got it all. But just like we want to demotivate you using steroids on this site (make your own decision, but our movement is for the naturals), we want to demotivate believing every hype. Please understand there is no magic product. We can greatly stimulate the use of one of the products on this list: http://thesupplementreviews.org/testosterone-boosters/top-10-testosterone-boosters/. We can stimulate lying on your back every day for a few hours, eating plenty and quality, drinking enough. There is so much to what you can do naturally. Think out your programs, take a good look at where your weaknesses and limitations are. And see it in the really long run. Keep motivating yourself again, start training for a goal after a few years, we can name it again and again though, don’t fall in the hands of the hypemakers. We could stimulate the use of protein shakes but NOT above food. It IS a good way to replace SOME of your food without a load of other stuff added, fats, carbs, etc. And that’s it. Some vitamins in case of need but orange juice suits just as well. It’s all in the basics. But DON’T fall for the hypes. Affraid your falling for one? Create a reply to this article showing the product, and we will help you decide whether it’s good or no good.

Please note we limit the use of pictures, and limit words etc.
We are bored out of our mind by all the blogs with endless
meaningless texts with pretty pictures. We WANT to be out of the
box. All those crappy blogs

We wish you the best on your journey and till we meet again. Don’t forget that our forum will soon become a vivid place for you to share, motivate and climb the natural ladder. We are here with you, and will soon reward you for your perseverance. In a few months, people won’t have a hard time no more judging who’s natural and who’s not. We are here to provide you pride, because all your hard work will soon be rewarded.

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