The power of caffeine

Coffee & caffeine, not to be mixed up with energy. Can be a huge stimulator, with some great benefits.

Coffee is more then just a black brew with an awful taste, which you just have to mix with loads of sugar and milk to pour it down. It has great benefits which you normally pay for.

  • Coffee increases metabolism.
  • A strong coffee sends you almost instantly to the toilet
  • It does great things to your soreness

I get close to say that a two very strong cups of coffee ( regular plain coffee with at the most some milk, not that starbucks crap they call coffee ) before training makes you burn around 50% more calories.

I also get close to say two very strong cups of coffee with sugar and milk after workout, helps your body recover (I can feel it, trust me, it became a habit -> instantly to the toilet + feeling your body interact and get your post workout recovery way faster). Combined with sugar you get even more function out of it, no more quick post-workout sugars, it’s all in there now. I get close to say this closes in to the use of your regular post workout whey with whatever you pour in there (or your post workout sugars), with a lower price tag.

Just make sure to bake up some tuna, get some beans, or anything protein filled (and preferrably fiber-filled) to give that coffee enchanced metabolism something to work with.

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