Testosterone boosters

To get to the point, this post we want to get into the strength and the weakness of supplements, especially supplements that claim to increase testosterone. With so many testosterone supplements around, you may want to buy something that works.

In our hunt for a testosterone booster we’ve been back and forth. we noticed that, while a lot are saying that protein, bcaa, glutamine, creatine, etc. are all the only supplements really worth it. People are forgetting that there actually ARE supplements that increase your testosterone, and we can tell you, they DO increase more then just the ‘feeling’ your growing faster. With every supplement out there digging into the pile and buying a good one is important.

So we’ve bought and bought and bought. Eventually stumbling about D-Aspartic Acid & ZMA. Although heavily under promoted compared to whey, we can tell you, we don’t know why, because they do much more then just boost your recovery. They actually manage to:

  • Cheer you up
  • Make you 5 times hornier. ( you can laugh around about this one, but don’t forget that being horny and a high testosterone are on the same line )

Don’t forget to buy a ZMA with some strong doses. Don’t try to supplement past 35 MG zink per day though. Keep your magnesium max 500.

You’ll feel it instantly!

D-AA is a strong supp to add on the site.

Our current stack is Tribulus, D-AA, ZMA, Vitamin D3.

We find it even debatable that this stack combined with a healthy pre-workout, maybe even with a whey after your workouts, even beats the regular, bcaa, whey, creatine, etc. stack.

We’re not trying to start a discussion with the so-called ‘pro’s’, we’re just saying, open your horizon. we’ve learnt in our long career that the obvious path, and the path that others have walked, isn’t always the only or even the best path.

Don’t believe me? Try and see.

Don’t be confused. This has nowhere near the effect of steroids, but we are not a natural bodybuilding team for nothing, right?

If your feeling grateful for this information in any way, hit like, share, or at least send us a small comment saying thankyou, as it’s the little things that keep it going.



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