The way of the extreme

This blog won’t submit basic trends, science results or product promotion that are the result of the companies that put the most money in it, but only the real evidence of a team with years worth of experience.

We’ve delved deep, way deep. We wanted to challenge the human body. Because, let’s get real, there ARE people in their 60’s that are huge without steroids. Which was my motivation. But natural can get demotivating, and wanting to get to a SERIOUS level of strength, stamina and size can take time. So much time, don’t scare off when I tell you it can be half your life. Probably the reason why 99% is on steroids. But what’s the point, compared to knowing the things I’ve learnt. I’m close to believing I can get someone’s natural potential to close to steroids. We’ve made the impossible happen. In our journey we’ve met so many interesting people’s with stories way different then Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because what we all tend to forget is that he was on heavy steroids. But isn’t it the naturals that you can REALLY learn from? No hormonal advantages, just plain, dull, natural working out until your mind hurts from thinking. Because I can tell you, overcoming plateau after plateau on natural basis, can be an endless slur. It takes so incredible long to keep advantaging. With a single sickness around the corner driving you all the way back, taking years to actually advance to a new level instead of one injection. There’s a lot of learning involved, and the gym becomes more like a school, then a simple gym.

Our team knows so much about fitness & bodybuilding, secrets, oldschool tips, supplements. Next to years of personal investigation, Working in supplement stores, working at gyms and competing at high level, we’re now doing this. And we’re here to help you and motivate you.

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